Sustainable Lingerie to Love This Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 4

Our guide to shopping that’s sexy and sustainable for the season of love.

At White Rhino, Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. It’s a sharp reminder of how single you are, it’s an arbitrary holiday, and it’s in the shortest month of the year - like, who has time for that?

We get the angst surrounding Valentine’s Day, but whether you’re single or taken or somewhere in between, it’s a great day to decide to fall in love with yourself.

Take the day to pamper yourself. Take a bath, do a mask, wear whatever makes you feel good. While you’re planning that, White Rhino rounded up our favorite picks for sustainable underwear and lingerie. These are in no particular order as they’re all fabulous options. Time to retire your underwear with the holes for some new pieces that will make you feel sexy and double as an eco-conscious purchase.

First pick - HARA The Label

Hara means “green” in Hindi and its namesake is well-earned. All clothes are made from bamboo and the packaging is biodegradable. Hara received a “Good” rating from the website, which means this brand is in the upper tier for being environmentally and ethically conscious.

The collections released from Hara are minimalistic but unique, with comfortable and supportive bras and underwear that you can sleep in. Hara offers a variety of colors, and our favorite pieces from them include this olive leotard and this lavender bra. Hara is perfect for anyone who needs basic wear and comfort in their closet.

Second Pick - Reve en Vert

A set of Tencel lingerie by Reve en Vert
Boy Brief made from 100% Ribbed TENCEL

Reve en Vert is a European retailer that stocks sustainable lingerie brands. Reve’s mission is to marry high fashion with sustainability, and the result is a classic collection made from the most natural materials.

The lingerie offered at Reve en Very is alluring, calling back to the days of Sofia Loren and other Hollywood greats. Their balconette bra is locally made from organic materials, and sure to provide lift as well as comfort. Reve en Vert is lingerie that you wear while you lay in bed eating macarons and drinking champagne, and it’s a perfect way to treat yourself or your lover.

Third Pick - Cosabella

Since 1983, Cosabella, a family-run company, has crafted handmade lingerie using Rennaissance-era techniques. They pride themselves on using organic cotton to design intricate lingerie sets, and also offer customization.

Cosabella brings feminine energy to the forefront with lacy designs and translucent fabrics. They have a wide range of sizing options and styles for any figure. If you’re looking for a lingerie set that will make you feel confident, Cosabella is excellent.

Fourth Pick - Nico Underwear

Full cup organic wire-free bra by NICO Underwear
Full cup organic wire-free bra by Nico Underwear

Nico has a “Good” rating from Goodonyou for its practices ethically and sustainably, and they’re a brand like no other. All of Nico’s designs are made from organic cotton and other natural materials.

This brand is perfect for anyone who is staunchly anti-lingerie. This is because the designs are unique and meant to be worn for dancing around your apartment in your underwear, lounging around the house on a Sunday, or given by your partner as a gift so you’ll stop stealing their clothes. Nico is comfort but it’s also vibrant and playful, making it a great option for lounging. We’re partial to their tie-dye cactus bra.

Whether you’re cursing at the TV Elle Woods style on Valentine’s Day or cozying up to someone special, you deserve to treat yourself and feel good about it too. Shop any of these brands for unique underwear and lingerie pieces that fit all style genres.

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