Book Review: Vegan Style – a plant-based guide to fashion, beauty, home & travel.

About the Book

I was recently approached by Tiller Press with an inquiry as to whether I would be interested in reviewing an upcoming book release called Vegan Style – Your plant-based guide to fashion, beauty, home and travel. The book is a comprehensive guide written by Sascha Camilli who is the founder and editor of Vilda Magazine, an online vegan fashion magazine.

Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige. Sascha is a self-described vegan, activist and rock n'roll fashionista – my kind of girl! An opportunity to help support like-minded women in the vegan fashion space is always a welcome task.

As a designer myself I am always researching and studying the trends in vegan and sustainable fashion and am forever on the look out for new advances, new materials and new ways to make ethical fashion more accessible to the mainstream. When the book arrived at my door step I devoured it immediately.

The book itself is substantial in weight and feel. It’s a hardcopy book with 235 pages, not including the thorough index included for easy reference. The Vegan Style guide has 9 well thought out chapters to enjoy.

The pages are of a slightly thicker paper weight than a standard textbook or magazine which makes flipping through it easy and enjoyable. The layout of the book is very well designed with easy to read fonts, lots of beautiful visual references, photography and a cohesive color scheme.

Who is This Book For?

Whether you are a long time vegan, a new vegan transitioning into a cruelty free lifestyle or a curious person interested in exploring how to adopting kinder, more ethically sound practices into their day to day I believe this book is a valuable resource. The book is suitable for all ages and even includes a dedicated men’s chapter.

It does a great job of delivering the information in an open and approachable way - abstaining from pushy or guilt-laden notions. There are no shock-value images or anything triggering which I feel can be a deterrent for some. Sascha did a great job at writing in a way that feels accessible to all without making the lifestyle feel elitist or unattainable with standards of perfection that may be daunting for a newcomer.

This is how I approach veganism as well – it is a process and a journey and I believe it is much more about gaining awareness than it is about being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The more you educate yourself and the more you look into and understand where the consumables and material items you use come from - the better you will be able to make informed decisions on which items you want to continue to support with your dollar and which ones may decide you can do without.

The quest to finding ethical and cruelty free replacements for items which you have decided no longer align with your values is an ongoing process, not an overnight do-over, and it should be an enjoyable, exciting and fun-filled one full of discovery. This book is an excellent resource to aid and inspire you on that journey with tons of ethical brands to consider trying.

What Does It Cover?

This book is so much more than a fashion book. Fashion and fashion accessories are covered of course, but there is also in depth conversation around vegan and cruelty free beauty, travel and how to curate a cruelty free home space including décor, cleaning products and more. It discusses ingredients, information on labeling and label reading, as well as some great information about fabrics for the future.

For extra enrichment the book profiles several female entrepreneurs, designers, influencers, bloggers and others who share their experiences and offer additional resources to look into if you’d like to learn even more.

My Top Take-aways

The more I learn about the new developments in vegan and cruelty free living the more inspired I become. The lifestyle goes so much further than eating plants - it really is a way of life that can positively impact every aspect of your day to day and bring positive change to the environment as a whole.

Being that I travel quite a bit I am particularly interested in minimalism - this book discusses ideas around capsule wardrobe building and thoughts on how to purchase fewer material goods that will give you longer return on investment.

I have also recently become rather fascinated with makeup – something that I never bothered with much as a young adult but am now really starting to appreciate as an art form and a means of self-expression. Especially over the last couple of years as I find myself spending more and more time in the public eye. This book’s beauty section really inspired me to continue working on my self-care and makeup routine, and to continue to support makeup brands who dedicate themselves to creating quality, cruelty free vegan products and are pioneering to make cruelty free the new norm around the world.


This book is a great read and an excellent resource to keep coming back to. For someone who is just beginning on their ethical journey I would strongly recommend this book to help guide you. If you consider yourself an expert in vegan fashion I would still recommend giving this book a read as you never know what might spark your interest and get you excited all over again in this world of progressive change for the better. I myself learnt about a number of brands and creators that weren’t on my radar before and now have several exciting new avenues to look into and learn about further.

Always learning and always growing is one of the most rewarding aspects of the vegan lifestyle. This book really illustrates how strong and beautiful the community has become worldwide and by sharing resources like this book we can continue to spread awareness and strengthen that community.

The book is available now - keep an eye out for it and grab yourself a copy!

If you’d like to learn more about the author of Vegan Style, check out her online magazine at and follow her on social media at @saschacamilli

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