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Updated: Jan 21

We’re aiming to take the stress out of holiday shopping this year. That means no frazzled trips to the local mall, no last-minute filtering for the Prime option on Amazon, and a variety of options that suit any cherished person in your life. We know this holiday season might look different, and that’s why gift-giving is a great way to show love this year from a distance. Whether you’re shopping for him, her, them, or anyone else, White Rhino has gift options sure to satisfy your wallet and the environment. We’ve bundled our items based on the person you’re shopping for to make it easier to give this holiday season. This is our one-stop-shop so that your process of gift-giving is simple, fun, and stress-free.

Shop For Him

There are a lot of men in our lives - dads, grandpas, sons, brothers, partners. They can be tough to shop for with their varied interests and life stages. We always say “what do you get the man who has everything?”, and that’s so often the case when gift-giving to our male counterparts. We created gift bundles for him that are curated based on what your guy is looking for, and we also have individual items that make your present to him totally customizable.

The Refined Man Gift Set

We all have that man in our life who loves the finer things - someone whose drink is an expensive whiskey neat, who loves a day at the golf course, and who might occasionally wear driving gloves. This man isn’t snobby, he’s refined, and we’ve come up with the perfect set of items to accompany him as he boards the plane sipping champagne. This set is perfect for a partner, son, or family friend and includes one BOSS briefcase laptop bag made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, an Eco-friendly cork leather passport wallet, and a vegan-friendly leather key chain made from upcycled materials.

The Classic Man Gift Set

The “Classic” man is constantly being redefined, and this set ensures that any man receiving it will break barriers heading into the new year. Whether you’re shopping for a family member, friend, or colleague, this gift set is great for men who travel, work, or do just about anything else. This set includes one BOSS briefcase laptop bag made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, an Eco-friendly cork leather passport wallet, and a vegan-friendly leather key chain made from upcycled materials.

The Writer Man Eco Journal Bundle

We all know a guy who strives to be the next Hemingway. Men who journal always have a special place in our hearts, and they can hone in on these skills with our Eco Banana Journal Bundle Set. The set comes in multiple colors and with our handmade and reusable pocket journals constructed from vegan, cork leather, along with refills so your writer man never runs out of space for his thoughts.

Shop For Her

White Rhino is a handbag company first, meaning our options for the women in your life are endless. We have gift bundles perfect for your mom, sister, best friend, or partner. Our bags are well-suited for all types of activities.

The New Mom Gift

There’s nothing more exciting than the first holiday as a new mom - with the pandemic looming over our heads, this is the perfect time to send meaningful gifts to the women we love who just experienced birthing a child. We recommend our Signature backpack or our Mackenzie backpack as gifts- these stylish options can double as diaper bags for new moms on the go. These bags come in a variety of colors to suit any style palette.

Hostess Gift Bundle

We all have a woman in our lives who is the hostess du jour, the hostess to end all hostesses. She can throw together a charcuterie plate together in seconds flat while noting everyone’s dietary restrictions while shaking together a cocktail she perfected. The Hostess Gift Bundle gives our hostess some relief from stray drinks without a coaster as it includes a variety of cork coaster sets, vegan leather case, and three-holiday key chains.

The Earth Lover Gift Set

We all know a woman who doubles as an Earth-warrior. This girl definitely recycles and takes our planet’s health seriously - as she should. While she’s loving on our environment, she’s also looking for ethical and sustainable methods of consumption while maintaining her sleek style. Give this woman the ultimate cruelty-free gift set featuring our Golden Teddy cork leather backpack, our trendy Alligator coin purse hip bag (with belt), and our Majestic cork leather wristlet.

The Fashionista Gift Set

This set is for any woman who loves fashion and unique, ethical styles. She’s trendy and isn’t afraid to experiment with her look. This set is perfect for any woman in your life whose style has evolved over time, whether it’s your best friend, mom, partner, or daughter. This set includes our LimeKitty Shoulder Bag, our trendy Alligator coin purse hip bag (belt included), and a Silver Caiman cork leather wristlet. It arrives packaged, taking the pressure off for any wrapping-related mishaps.

The Classic Gal Gift Set

A perfect set for any woman in your life, the Classic Gal Gift Set includes items perfect for various activities. Whether she’s the person who sneaks snacks into the movie theater or who goes on miles-long hikes, this set has something for every woman. Each gift package includes one vegan leather Marshmallow Brulee Signature Backpack, an Olive Little Bud day bag, made with recycled materials, and our Majestic cork leather wristlet.

Shop For Them

A holiday gift set by White Rhino that includes cork leather coasters, vegan leather coaster case and set of three holiday key chains
Browse all our Holiday Gift Bundles

All of our friends are getting married, having kids, meeting partners. These gifts are gender-neutral and perfect for any singular or set of people in your life. Best of all, these sets are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

A Gift Bundle For Them

Everyone works, travels, and has a set of keys. This gift set is a catch-all for items that people you love will use. These can be added to any wardrobe as stylish and functional accessories. This gift set includes a gorgeous vegan leather briefcase, a baller-looking cork passport wallet, and a keychain holder that’s suave enough for any set of keys. This is a perfect corporate gift set or something to give to an avid traveler.

The Mail Holder Gift Set

We’re all hanging out at home, nesting and receiving holiday cards. What better time than now to gift a mail holder that is sleek and cruelty-free. The Mail Holder Gift Set is great for holding mail, masks, and other miscellaneous items on their way in or out the door. The mail holder gift set comes with everything you need, no assembly required. Wooden wall mounting wall hanger is made from authentic Paulownia wood.

Shop For Anyone

Gifts for an acquaintance, newly married couples, your cool neighbor, or your boss. These sets tick off the “Anyone Will Enjoy This” box and are ethically produced as well as vegan.

Eco Banana Journal Gift Set

Perfect for a budding writer, a mental health advocate who’s getting into journaling, or anyone who needs a beautiful journal to write their grocery list in. This set comes with handmade and reusable pocket journals, page inserts, and 4 pencils made from recycled paper.

The Holiday Keychain Trio Set

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that losing your keys is easy to do. Gift someone the relief of being able to spot their keys from afar with our festive Holiday Keychain Trio set. This set includes three keychains in various colors and is perfect for that person you know who always seems to misplace their car keys.

Other Items We Recommend

Our Signature Shoulder Bag for any woman in your life who loves functional and beautiful fashion.

Our Majestic Cork Wristlet that is versatile and can be used for a night out, as a makeup case, or as a place to store colored pencils.

Our gift sets and bags are vegan and cruelty-free, and their quality makes them excellent gifts for anyone in your life. We hope this helps guide you to an amazing holiday season!

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