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Summer meal planning and fitness tips with Vegan Fitness Coach Lili July Already? Summer is here in full swing and, admittedly, my summer bod' has yet to reveal itself.

I normally spend the late spring months ramping up my physical activity and implementing a variety of crash-diets in a panic to reach an ideal summer silhouette. I’d make daily affirmations about how “This summer will be my best yet” and visualize myself lounging on a beach feeling fit and looking fine – but not this summer. Nope. This summer, as we all know, has been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. The mental stress of so much uncertainty paired with the physical repercussions of having been locked away inside for weeks on end has left many of us miles away from our seasonal short-burst to wellness routines. Is it too late to get back on track and get ‘summer ready’? No. And in fact, I’d argue that you and I are not really “behind” either. This disruption to normal programming has left me wondering: Was this way of thinking ever really working for me? When successful, sure, I’d look and feel great for the hot summer months of the year but then quickly sink back into bad habits and excuses as the seasons change. By the time the Holiday Season rolled through I’d all but abandoned any health mantras. This would leave me feeling unhappy and unwell and gearing up for another crash-course in what ever the diet and exercise trend of the year was and the yoyo-cycle would continue for eternity.

We are in the midst of great change and adapting to this ‘new normal’ - why not take the opportunity to adapt and pivot our weight loss and fitness routine too?

Objectively, the focus should be on the journey and not the destination. Being healthy and developing good habits is much more important than crash-dieting and cramming in unsustainable bursts.

This summer I’m updating my thinking to focus on finding a well-balanced and sustainable meal planning and fitness regimen that I can enjoy year-round. Seeking Inspiration

Vegan Fitness Coach Liliana
Vegan Fitness Coach Liliana

I recently connected with Vegan Fitness Coach Liliana, known among friends as Lili.

Based in Surrey, BC. Lili helps women find their sexy by motivating and encouraging them to participate in daily fitness and healthy eating goals.

“I started my own journey over a year ago. I was 230 pounds, and mind you I was not unhappy being overweight, BUT the idea of being unhealthy was terrifying. I felt that I was curvy and fabulous - however, I had high cholesterol and my BMI (body mass index) was in the obese category, so something had to give!”

Lili is a professional who understands the importance of making time for wellness and that fitness and diet are a meaningful investment in yourself – not just for the season but as a lifestyle. She knows first-hand that a sustainable health and fitness plan is so much more than just losing weight. It’s about being actively healthy and maintaining personal well-being for the long-term. “I was already vegan, but eating chips and fries and all the junk I could find.” Lili says. This is highly relatable. While veganism is often praised as a healthy weight-loss diet it can also be a junk food enthusiasts’ haven. For example; Pizza, French fries and beer are vegan yes, but eating that three meals a day during quarantine certainly didn’t do me any favors.

Lili’s journey to full-time wellness was a process. “I joined Zumba and began to eat clean - mainly fresh fruits and veggies. I learned how to read food labels, count calories and all about macronutrients (let me tell you I was eating enough for 3 people - YIKES!) I decided that I was my biggest priority, I found my 'why', and I made the conscious decision that I needed to change in order to live my best life!”

She also swears by adding physical activity into everyday tasks. For example doing your own yard work, walking to get coffee rather than drive-through, or my personal favorite of hers: Park further at the grocery store or work to get those extra steps in at every opportunity.

“Did you know that having less than 30 minutes of physical activity per day qualifies as sedimentary?” Lili’s fact shocks me – I currently fall into this category. What’s even more shocking is that 85% of the population lives a sedentary lifestyle. Lili asserts that sustainable weight loss is a combination of healthy meal planning AND regular physical activity. “I started walking, then running, then as I got stronger and my endurance went up I started going to the gym and lifting weights too. Fast forward 15 months and I am 70 pounds lighter, 3 sizes smaller, I have enough energy to run 10 km few times per week and, girl, I feel sexier than ever before!”

Vegan Meal Planning for Weight Loss
Vegan Meal Planning for Weight Loss

I asked Lili if she would share her top 3 tips on meal prepping during the hot summer days, and she had some brilliant ideas! Her tips are easily implemented into any routine and will make a huge impact in your daily calorie intake.

Remember; We’re looking for long-term sustainable changes that we can adapt for long-term well-being. These 3 tips to try check all the boxes: 1. Invest in an AirFryer

Sunny days are wonderful, we wait for them all year long - but cooking in your hot kitchen, that can be a drag. I recommend this to everyone; invest in an Airfryer! (Seriously, I've had so many people buy one I think I should get commission lol). Using an Airfryer is a healthy alternative to frying anything in a pan, or turning on that dreadful hot oven. Crispy tofu, delicious cauliflower wings, yummy roasted potatoes, amazing asparagus - everything practically oil free and in under 20 minutes! 2. Salads Supreme

Nothing beats a big-n-bad summer salad on a hot day! Kale, lettuce, arugula, there are so many mouth- watering greens to incorporate and endless variations.

Salad doesn't need to be boring, and it doesn't need to be a side dish either. Get jazzy with it! Try adding different toppings to jazz it up and add instant variety

· Nuts · Berries · Dates · Chickpeas · Pumpkin seeds · The fresh topping options are endless!

Get creative! Try preparing your own dressings. Have you ever had fresh avocado and lime dressing? It’s life changing.

3. Snack Attack

Feeling snacky? That’s ok! How about chips and guac’, veggies and hummus, frozen banana peanut butter bites - sounds good doesn’t it?

There are many quick, easy, nutritious and delicious snack options, you don’t have to feel deprived. A sustainable meal plan shouldn’t feel restrictive. Banana strawberry ice cream is one of my favorites - the best part; it's ready in minutes, it's fresh, and 3 giant scoops are only about 100 calories – so plan ahead, keep the kitchen stocked with clean and healthy snack options, and go ahead and indulge when the snack attack hits!

Let’s Do It!

My conversation with Lili has really inspired me to make changes to my habits. Looking at how easy these bite-sized adjustments to my routine are to implement, I feel empowered to start making changes today.

My vegan weight loss plan and my over-all health and wellness deserve to be a full-time adventure. From now on I will consider how to make my health sustainable in the same way I prioritize sustainability and functionality in the other areas of my life.

If you'd like to get a customized meal plan and learn more about how to become your best you, Lili offers 1 on 1 consultations. An experienced mentor, she recently graduated from the Infofit Personal Training Program and plans on continuing her education in Sports Nutrition through ACE.

“I believe that a personally tailored program is that much more beneficial than anything generic that you'll find on Google.” Lili says. And I couldn’t agree more.

Are you ready to find your sexy?

Reach out to Lili today and start making meaningful, sustainable changes to your fitness and weight loss plan. Not just for the summer, but for good!

Contact Lili via email at

And follow her on Instagram for ongoing vegan weight loss inspiration @VeganFitnessCoach.Surrey

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