Our Ultimate Ethical Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Halloween has passed which means the countdown to the holidays is beginning. People are putting away their pumpkins in favor of stringing up lights, putting up the tree, and setting their menorahs atop the mantle. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away and Black Friday/Cyber Monday not far behind, it’s time to think about gift-giving for the season. Whatever you celebrate or believe in this holiday, we have a definitive guide to selecting the best ethical gifts to give your friends and family along with tips on wrapping items using sustainable packaging.

Tip #1: Who needs a gift?

Randomly buying gifts can be a detriment to the environment and your bank account. If you shop for people last-minute, you’re more likely to buy items they don’t need, resulting in wasted packaging or a returned item. Creating a list of those closest to you who you want to buy for this season and creating a budget for each person helps you decide on what is realistic in your budget without breaking the bank. It also helps you to take a moment and be thoughtful about what you’re trying to buy for each person. We recommend writing a note on your phone or creating a list in our Eco Journal to bring with you while you shop.

Tip #2: Deciding on gifts

Once you’ve decided on what gifts to get for your family/friends/pets/coworkers, do some research on where you can get each item. As hard as it is, we recommend limiting any shopping done via large retailers like Amazon - it helps with eliminating excess packaging, and with the pandemic, it is a great time to shop small.

Many beautifully wrapped gifts
It's a great time to shop small and support independent makers & brands

Use websites like Good On You, where you can search for brands and items based on their ethical and environmental ratings and sort by price range. A quick Google search is also effective in finding unique brands that align with ethical-gift-giving goals.

Tip #3: Brands we love

Opening a sustainably packed gift

We’d be remiss not to mention top brands we love - here are our top three choices sure to suit any gift-giver. We recommend checking out:

-Wuxly Movement - a sustainable outwear brand

-Brave Gentleman - menswear and accessories

-Rombaut - high fashion and vegan shoe wear

Aside from the above brands, there are other retailers we recommend checking out for specific people in your life:

For Mom - An ethically made and sustainably designed candle from Madison Grace, which has tons of unique, mom-friendly gifts.

For Dad - A fleece from Patagonia - cozy and stylish for the man who has everything.

For Siblings - a cool t-shirt from The Classic T-shirt Company. The shirts are made with certified organic cotton and no animal products.

For Partner - sexy jeans from Outland Denim, a top-rated ethical jean company. They pay fair wages to women who escaped trafficking in Cambodia.

For BFF - A pair of cute, modern earrings.

Tip #4: Becoming a wrapper

Wrapping paper is often overlooked and under-considered in the gift-giving process. The presentation can say a lot about the gift you’re giving, but it can be hard to find wrapping paper that isn’t wasteful. For wrapping paper that’s beautiful and not-so harmful to the environment, check out the below ideas:

-Wrappr - a no-waste gift wrap made from cloth so it can be reused over and over. Comes in tons of gorgeous prints.

-Vintage stores - check out shops near you that have unused tins or scarves. This can be a chic way to reuse vintage items at a low cost.

-Wrappily - wrapping paper made from old newspapers and pressed into different prints. We recommend this if you’re not ready to give up on ripping open presents just yet.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this holiday gift guide - we hope this can guide you through the craziness of the holidays!

two individuals exchanging an embrace while gift-giving
Meaningful gifts for everyone on your list

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