Our New Design Release Shopping Guide

We just dropped our new spring collection and we’re taking you along for an inside look at how the design release came together from concept to conception. Our founder Claire Carreras meticulously crafted these spring bags to be beautiful, functional, and completely plant-based. All of the designs in the collection are made-to-order and ready-to-wear, making them perfect additions to any spring or summer closet. Our definitive shopping guide is a detailed breakdown of each product featuring the materials we use to create the new vegan and sustainable line.


The Pod is our ultimate summer clutch, perfect for a day out with friends, special occasions, or as a makeup holder. Digging through your clutch has never been easier. The Pod is one of our most unique designs in that it zips down the middle for easy packing and unpacking, and includes a wrist strap for when you’re on the go. The best part about the Pod is that it’s made of cork leather so it’s water-resistant, a trait that comes in handy for trips to the beach or being caught in a summer storm. Choose the Pod if you’re looking for a small clutch to take with you on summer adventures.


The Lovely is one of our favorite new designs where boho-chic meets utopian royalty. This crossbody tote is made from cork leather and organic cotton, and the bag is reversible so you can enjoy two different looks from the same item. The cork leather side is a checkered neutral, with the inside being a cream-colored cotton organic fabric. The Lovely is delicate, stately, and highly feminine, perfect for work events, day-to-day shopping, or an outdoor celebration. We recommend The Lovely for anyone who wants to make a statement this summer.


If The Lovely is delicate, The Guided is metal. Inspired by Claire’s time on the road touring with her band, The Guided is a black circular handbag made from all-natural hemp materials. It’s super compressible so that you can carry it into any situation, from hiking to a night out. The design includes a removable strap so you can wear it crossbody or as a handbag. The Guided will be your best partner in crime in terms of utility, featuring ample room for storage and a protective shell.


We’re bringing the tote back - The Uptown is our hot take on the grocery bag. This extra-large bag is made from cactus leather. All parts of the bag are plant-based, with the lining made from organic cotton and the logo printed onto cactus leather. The Uptown comes in two colorways, green cactus, and naked cactus, so you can enjoy either one that suits your style. The Uptown is perfect for a day at the beach as you can easily fit all your belongings and carry the bag around comfortably.

Our spring and summer designs were made with utility in mind and they’re different from any other drop because they’re made to order - by doing this, we’re striving to eliminate wasteful production and ensure the highest quality handbags. We hope you love the new line as much as we do!

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