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Major Updates for White Rhino Bags in 2022

It’s officially our favorite time of year where the holidays roll around and the gift-giving begins. We’re so grateful for this year’s journey that White Rhino has taken, from new product launches to the beginning of our Austin-based design studio. We’ve worked since 2018 to build this business and we’re excited to announce some major changes for 2022. Cheers to 3 years and to all of us continuing to grow - now let’s get to the good stuff.

Made-to-order designs

A key focus in 2022 will be creating designs that are custom and made-to-order. Rather than producing large batches of bags and purses, White Rhino will focus on creating products based on demand for them. This process will allow us to hone in on our craftsmanship while preventing us from making too many unnecessary items. Environmental impact has always been a part of our brand goals, and by focusing on these made-to-order pieces we’ll be able to further lessen any harm caused by production. This will also allow us to make one-of-a-kind pieces so our customers can stand out as fashion trailblazers.

Expanding our Austin microstudio

We opened our microstudio in early 2021 and we’re looking to expand on the design work we’ve achieved so far while maintaining our manufacturing spaces in Canada. The micro studio is our safe haven for design and we want to share that feeling with other artists, creators, and makers in the Austin area. Our goal for the studio in 2022 is to build local manufacturing partnerships that keep us hyper-local and allow us to share our space and our ideas with a variety of individuals and brands. We’re also opening up opportunities within White Rhino to join our microstudio team.

Designs that update like the seasons

The made-to-order design setup will allow us to release new design iterations more frequently, and we’re hoping to design our bags based on trend, seasonality, and general inspiration. These design updates will reflect our dedication to innovation and creativity in the 2022 season.

Improving our sustainability

Man-made leather alternatives are better for our animals because they’re vegan, but worse for our environment because the process to create these leathers is less sustainable. We’ve been doing our research on plant-based fabrics and have decided to move away from man-made leather alternatives and towards new fabrics like mushroom leather, cactus leather, and hemp/organic cotton. We’re already using these fabrics in our designs and you can read more about our research on the blog.

Animal Welfare

We’re partnering with different animal welfare organizations who do rescue and rehab for animal welfare across the United States and the world. Our last collaboration was with Little Oink Bank and we’re excited to continue the momentum of helping these animal orgs.

Other Exciting Callouts

  • Iconic accessories with a masculine intention - we’re launching a men’s/masculine line in 2022! Stay tuned for details early next year.

  • Jewelry and pet accessories are coming to White Rhino in 2022!

  • New cactus leather colorways - with our initiative to use cactus leather, we’re excited to announce that our colorway catalog now includes black, beige, and green.

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