Black History Month - Let's Celebrate!

Black-Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands to Support Now in 2021

The world was ablaze with outrage as the pandemic began in early 2020. Sitting at home with nothing to do but watch as injustice continued to be afflicted upon the Black community provided a reality of the racial inequalities in America. While this was jarring for some, it shone a spotlight on issues that Black America has been dealing with for generations. It was hard to watch and it mobilized people to protest, donate, and take action to change the system.

Americans and Canadians attended BLM protests in most major cities, Georgia turned blue due to Stacey Abrams concentrated efforts, people donated as much as they could online, and we watched in early 2021 as our first woman and biracial Vice President was sworn into office. All of these steps provided a glimmer of hope for change while reminding us that there’s a long way to go in fixing history.

Claire Carreras, CEO of White Rhino poses with designer backpack

At White Rhino, one of the positives that came out of this unrest was the highlighting of Black-owned businesses. In a time where Amazon rules and racial representation in entrepreneurship hasn’t fully been realized, making a purchase from a Black-owned business can be incredibly meaningful. These are typically local businesses and the quality of items is superior to fast-fashion and beauty companies. With White Rhino being a Black-owned fashion label, these retail owners are often people that we network with and who align with our stances on equality, sustainability, and design.

To celebrate Black History month we interviewed BIPOC business owners to ask about entrepreneurship, who inspires them, and what visions they have for the future. We’ll be releasing these interviews all month long with a giveaway at the end of the month!

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