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Updated: Feb 18

Black History Month Feature - Q&A

Brosily Bath & Body is a non-toxic luxury skincare company that focuses on making all-natural products that soothe skin. Navine Acevedo started the company when her daughter developed eczema and nothing she bought at the store seemed to help. Many of the remedies dried out the skin or were harsh irritants - enter Navine’s idea to start Brosily Bath and Body. Her products are perfect for pampering yourself with skincare that isn’t harsh on the skin, and they come in a variety of options to cover almost any skincare need.

We caught up with Navine and asked about her experience as an entrepreneur and where she sees Brosily Bath and Body in the future.

Navine Acevedo, Founder of Brosily Bath & Body poses for a photo
Navine Acevedo, Founder of Brosily Bath & Body

WHITE RHINO: When you began building your brand were there any unexpected challenges you faced? Any pleasant surprises?

NAVINE ACEVEDO: The one surprisingly unexpected challenge that I faced was learning how to price products correctly. Pricing still continues to be a challenge especially now with covid and the challenges it brings such as supply shortage and price increases. Coming up with a price that covers cost, creates profit but still matches my customers’ perceived pricing expectations can be challenging, but I am learning the art. I am still pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy doing what I do even with all the challenges business throws at you.

WR: People talk about having to wear all the hats’ as an entrepreneur. What are three skills that you have or had to develop that you feel have been the most valuable?

NA: One of the skills I had to learn fast was money management and now with covid, money management is key to keeping business afloat.

The second one I would say is the art of prioritizing what gets done in order to keep my sanity and not dropping all the plates I have juggling. The 3 skill I would says that I am working on that is highly valuable is marketing. Can’t reach your customers if you don’t know how to market.

WR: Reflecting on Black History Month, who or what (could be a historical figure, movement, event, etc.) has been a point of inspiration for you?

NA: I have always looked up to people like Rosa Parks but my mom is my biggest inspiration. She is brave, strong, and confident and is my hero.

WR: What inspired you to create Brosily Bath and Body, and where do you see Brosily going in the future?

NA: My daughter developing eczema was the catalyst for me starting Brosily Bath and Body. She would have bad reactions to many commercial skincare products even those supposedly made for babies. She inspired me to go back to what I knew which is plant base, natural ingredients is best for our health. I see us expanding into new product categories in the near future.

To shop Navine's beautiful array of natural skincare products and learn more about the brand, check out

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