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Fashion Week Roundup

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Initially, when COVID hit, it was announced that Fashion Week would be canceled for Spring and Fall 2020. We were collectively bummed about this at White Rhino - another event bites the dust. Then, in early June, Paris Fashion Week announced the shows would continue for Fall/Winter 2020. Fashion icons everywhere rejoiced as we made plans to watch modified, COVID-friendly shows. To top it off, in September Rihanna released her Savage Fenty show on Amazon Prime, an iconic and inclusive celebration of fashion from the queen herself. Given this triumphant fashion return, we picked out top trends from this season and created a guide on how to style them in the real world.

The Shoulder Pad

 Shoulder Pads are on Trend - Fashion week round up
FW Balenciaga 2020 // Sleeveless Shoulder Pad Top by Wants

People who grew up in the ’80s are shaking right now - the epic return of shoulder pads from trend’s past is both regal and camp and pays homage to the days of formal workwear. When shoulder pads were first introduced as a fashion choice, we saw them as a way to take up space in the boardroom. Now, with work taking place from the living room and fashion becoming a form of solo self-expression, the shoulder-pad trend has seeped into pieces like muscle tees and statement sweaters. We’re partial to this white shoulder-padded tee by Wants, paired with our Signature Shoulder Bag (worn at the waist, of course!)

The Utility Jacket

Utility Jackets are on Trend - Fashion week round up
FW Maison Margiela 2020 // ASOS

Just in time for Fall, the ever-iconic utility jacket. The thing about utility jackets is that they’re boxy, comfortable, and can easily hold a wallet, makeup, and snacks. Women are often faced with the conundrum of having to carry around a purse, and maybe that’s not your speed when you’re running out the door to see friends or when you’re picking the biggest pumpkin at the patch. Maison Margiela’s line was full of feminine-wear that doubled as functional, but if designer prices aren’t your speed then there are plenty of options from retailers like ASOS. Pair with our small Majestic Cork Wristlet that you can keep in those spacious pockets.

The High Neck

High Neck Lines are on Trend - Fashion Week round up for 2020
FW Celine 2020 // ASOS

We experienced an influx of peasant-girl looks this summer where white tops, billowing dresses, and simple neutrals popped up frequently on our Instagram feed. The High Neck trend is the colder cousin of the “peasant-girl” look - think pussybows and turtlenecks with warm-toned color palettes. This look is perfect for Autumn jaunts outside with your friends, or for meeting up with someone you have a crush on to sip cider. Best of all, you can dress this look down, meaning it looks great with a heel or a thick sock. Even better, pair it with Love After Dark backpack for all your romantic, cuffing-season adventures.

The Lingerie Set

Lingerie looks on trend for 2020 - Fashion Week Round up
Savage Fenty 2020 // Love Vera

We’d be remiss to not mention the Savage Fenty show. Rihanna solidified her role as an icon with her first lingerie show in 2019, and she’s been giving Victoria’s Secret a run for their money ever since. Lacy, beautiful lingerie is often looked past in everyday wardrobes, but with the Pandemic forcing us to stay at home and maintain limited social circles, it’s the perfect time to invest in gorgeous pieces that make you feel sexy. We recommend shopping at Love Vera, a black-owned, feminine brand that offers affordable pieces. Wear a lingerie look under a sheer top, have it peek out from a sweater, or just lounge at home in decadence. We recommend lighting some candles, having a glass of red, and writing down your most beautiful manifestations. Use our Cork Coaster Set as a resting place for that drink.

Fashion Week can seem daunting when you’re not looking to spend thousands of dollars on pieces. While these brands might not hit your price point, you can still follow the trends and make them your own this Fall season.

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