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Fall 2020 Fashion Trends - Safety First

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Fall fashion is looking a little different this year, with the COVID pandemic not slowing down anytime soon. With masks being mandatory and people aiming for comfort as well as style, COVID has allowed us to reconsider functionality within our clothing choices and has transformed the way we make purchases.

Aside from fashion trends changing, COVID has also highlighted that humans are capable of making long-lasting changes for the good of all. It’s shown that similar to the changes made in the pandemic, sustainability can be considered in our daily lives if we make collective changes towards consideration of the environment. Given this shift in perspective, we rounded up our favorite Fall fashion trends from brands that are sustainable, ethical, and most of all, fashionable. We’ve paired each trend with a White Rhino bag so you can visualize your Fall style with something special on your arm for making grocery runs.

Face masks

Sustainable Fall Fashion 2020 Face Masks
"Face masks are the first thing people notice"

If you’d told me this time last year that we’d be adding face masks as a trend to this seasonal list, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s a strange world we live in, but this is our “new normal.” Face masks are the first thing people notice when you’re out and about, and while they are an excellent way to prevent this serious virus from spreading, they can also be a make-or-break way to pull an ensemble together. There are a ton of mask options depending on what you’re looking for, and we recommend finding sustainable masks that won’t cause breakouts like this one from Taylor Jay or Tonle. Choose a mask that is gentle on your skin and has neutral colors so that it’s versatile with any outfit. Make sure you’re keeping extra masks around so you always have one on you - and for a bag that can hold a myriad of masks, check out our White Rhino Signature Backpack.


Sustainable Fall Fashion 2020 Loungewear
"Outfits that are comfortable enough to sit in bed"

The biggest impact of WFH isn’t having to buy a desk for your room, it’s being able to attend meetings in pajamas. While we’re all enjoying the loungewear trend, there’s something to be said for wearing outfits that are comfortable enough to sit in bed with and cute enough to grab a coffee in. For a pop of color and matching sets, Pangaia is where it’s at. They offer a wide range of color choices and for every purchase, they plant a Mangrove tree to replenish the Earth’s C02. For neutral tones and items you could wear on the couch or at the office, check out Christy Dawn - the designs are stunning, and they received a “Great” environmental rating from Good on You, a website that ranks brands according to their sustainability claims.

It’s hard to recommend a bag for when you’re relaxing at home, but we do recommend journaling with your loungewear. Keep your thoughts safe in our Eco Banana Journal.


Sustainable Fall Fashion 2020 sweaters
"Vintage is back in a big way"

The forever fall staple, but we’re not talking about any old sweater. Vintage is back in a big way, and if you’re concerned with your environmental impact you can start by shopping for throwback sweaters while you’re chasing that back-to-school feeling. Depop, eBay, and Etsy are excellent places to shop for designers sweaters at a fraction of the cost. Shopping vintage also reduces the number of new products you’re freshly circulating into our environment.

Sometimes you want a new outfit, and we get that too. If you have to have a new sweater, check out brands like Armed Angels. They’ve been producing sustainable and ethical sweaters for over 13 years. Whatever sweater you buy, lean into the fall season and get yourself a big girl backpack like this gal.


Sustainable Fall Fashion Trends 2020 jumpsuit
"Jumpsuits are the upscale cousin to loungewear"

Jumpsuits are the upscale cousin to loungewear - something about being in a stylish adult onesie is appealing during this time. They also give the appearance that you’ve made more effort than you actually have in getting ready. Jumpsuits can seem like they’re only to be worn for one season, but if you already have a tank-top jumpsuit, try pairing it with a turtleneck and some over-the-ankle boots to get more wear heading into the winter months. For the best ethical and sustainable jumpsuits, check out People Tree. They have diverse jumpsuit options depending on the texture and look you’re trying to achieve, and all of their materials are hand-dyed and certified organic. Since a jumpsuit is meant to be a standout piece, we recommend pairing with a low-key wristlet.

Cowgirl boots

Sustainable Fall Fashion Trends 2020 cowgirl boots
"Cowgirl boots look kind of good with anything"

The kind that are vegan and cruelty-free, of course. Girlknewyork said it best when she declared this Autumn season to be Cowgirl Fall. Cowgirl boots are a fun addition to any closet, something you can wear while heading to socially-distant dinners or date nights with the person you’ve been going back and forth with on Hinge since quarantine started. For some reason, cowgirl boots look kind of good with anything, and they’re an easy shoe to spice up any outfit while you’re social-distance strolling through town.

For a roundup of vegan cowgirl boots, check out this article from Peta. Pair with our Signature Shoulder Bag.

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Fall Fashion 2020, COVID style. Stay safe, wear a mask, and make sure to have fun with your fashion style since it’s the only time nobody’s really watching.

Sustainable Fall Fashion Finds for 2020
Lean back and get comfy with a Signature Backpack by White Rhino


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