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Austin Adventures: Our Best Boutiques

The top picks for sustainable shopping in our weird city

White Rhino has always prided itself on being an eCommerce brand and making it easy to shop for quality vegan bags from any location. Since our conception in 2018, we’ve covered a lot of ground. We were founded in Canada and with the recent opening of our Austin location, we pride ourselves on being well-traveled. It’s not always easy running a business across countries and state lines, but it’s brought us to some pretty amazing places. We’ve had the opportunity to explore Austin lately and discovered that there are tons of hidden gems in terms of shopping, thrifting, and general style. We’ve traveled far and wide across the Austin City Limits to find the best places to shop locally and sustainably. With that, here’s our roundup of the best boutiques to check out in Austin:

woman models Hemp, organic cotton & cork shoulder bag by White Rhino in field of hemp leaves
Photo from the esby apparel shop

esby apparel

esby was started in 2014 as the brainchild of designer Stephanie Beard. Stephanie had previously worked with brands like Levi’s and Converse in New York City and wanted to take her knowledge to build a brand that prioritized transparency in the garment-making process. The result is a boutique that focuses on simplistic designs and high-quality, all-natural materials. We recommend checking out their best-selling linens.

Blue Elephant Boutique

Just outside of downtown is one of our favorite boutiques to find unique goods curated by Austin locals. Blue Elephant Boutique has been open since 2005 and sells indie and designer apparel, trendy accessories, statement jewelry and collections of handmade apothecary items. All items in the boutique are made in the USA and perfect for any occasion. Our pick is this Britney for President tee.

Candles from Luxe Apothetique

Luxe Apothetique

Luxe is a boutique and spa for modern women who want to look and feel their best. They’ve been open for over a decade as a one-stop-shop with items like clothing, accessories, locally made goods, and sought-after lines in the skin and haircare space.

Feathers Boutique Vintage

Feathers Boutique is THE spot for vintage shopping in Austin. They’re known for finding the best vintage pieces sure to make you stand out. Their items are curated with a Texas flair, from cowboy boots to suede fringe jackets. Along with original vintage pieces, Feathers offers reworked vintage items that preserve longevity of the items. No two pieces are the same at Feathers Boutique.

Take Heart

'take heart' is a boutique owned by Nina Gordon. Located in East Austin, take heart showcases local US artists as well as a selection of international designers. Many of the items at take heart are inspired by Japanese culture, with the bulk of the inventory focusing on home goods and self-care items. The shop itself is a beautifully-curated, minimalist space, perfect for solo shopping on an afternoon adventure.

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