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90’s Trends - The Comeback

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

When we saw someone rocking butterfly hair clips and big pants this summer, the realization set in that 90’s fashion is back in a big way. From pleated skirts to wearing tops under spaghetti strap dresses, you can’t escape the 90’s influence on social media and beyond. These trends take us back to our roots and let us live in nostalgia for a little while. No one can bottle that period of time perfectly, but we’re thrilled to see people getting creative with these original styles from the ’90s, and thus our 90’s trend roundup was born. We put together a list of our favorite 1990s trends, as well as brands to shop from if you’re interested in adding a little nostalgia to your wardrobe.

Velvet Dresses

velvet dress on the red carpet worn by Winona Ryder

The first trend is the velvet dress - this trend is timely, especially with the holidays coming up, and really takes us back to when Winona Ryder was an It girl and not just the mom on Stranger Things. Velvet dresses can be worn casually or formally, and are best for the Autumn and Winter months. Velvet dresses are pretty easy to find, with hundreds of options on vintage sellers like Depop. Velvet dresses look expensive but are extremely affordable, making them a fabulous trend to try. We recommend wearing them with a combat boot and our Mackenzie Backpack in Black. The look is a little angsty, a little feminine, and fun to wear.

Smokey Eye

The smokey eye, famously rocked by Aaliyah in her “I Need a Resolution” music video, is a staple of ‘90s makeup. If you’re anything like us, it can be hard to pull off this look without looking like you’ve given yourself a black eye, which is why you should watch this tutorial to get you started.

The smokey eye look as seen on singer and actress Aaliyah

The smokey eye is for everyone and when executed correctly gives you a sexy, sultry vibe that will get you noticed at the club. Check out Lime Crime if you need the supplies to try this look - they’re vegan and cruelty-free and have a large range of products for any makeup look you could want.

For Looking Like Halle Berry and Lisa Bonet

These queens are timeless and their style is iconic, even in 2020. Lisa Bonet, the ever-hip, Afro-punk, grunge, boho queen herself. Anything she wears looks good, but if we can pull anything out of her closet, it’s an oversized dress or skirt with a statement hat and some sunglasses. We recommend checking out independent Instagram sellers to cop pieces similar to what Lisa would wear, like Elia Vintage and Mae Vintage Shop. These Instagram retailers only sell vintage via the platform, making each piece unique, and their style reflects Lisa’s in her 1990s heyday.

Lisa Bonet in her boho style
Halle Berry style icon of the 90's

Halle Berry, another 90’s cool-girl, had a different sense of style that is just as iconic. Slightly more feminine and shape-hugging with a touch of leather, Halle Berry’s style on the red carpet is unmatched. For pieces that Catwoman would wear on her off days, we recommend checking out the vegan section of Free People - tons of “leather” options and tops that are form-fitting with lacey details, just like Halle loves.

Preppy Chic

Pleated, plaid, and corduroy skirts making a comeback was an unexpected twist of 2020. Those, and dickeys (the collars that fit under sweaters) have been seen all over TikTok and Instagram, with women leaning into their schoolgirl days. While grunge was king in the ‘90s, preppy outfits were queen, and there are tons of brands that offer affordable items to try this trend. We recommend Los Angeles Apparel for preppy basics, complete with tennis skirts and turtleneck sweaters to make your academia outfits come to life. Pair with our signature backpack for an added effect.

The Mom Sneaker

Princess Diana was actually the Queen of Cool when it came to 90s style icons. Sneakers are back in a big way, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sustainability goals by shopping at Nike or Adidas. Brands like Lanius, Nae, and Veja all offer vegan and sustainable options with shoes made from rPET and other recycled materials. Plus, wearing sneakers is super comfy. Pair with our shoulder bag worn around the waist for fanny-pack vibes.

Princess Diana was a fashion icon in the 90's
Princess Diana in the sneaker trend from the 90's

We love to burrow in the memories of the ‘90s - times seemed way simpler then - and we’re happy these trends have made a comeback to accompany our nostalgia.

Would you rock any of these styles from 90's? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe for more.

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