2021 White Rhino Style Predictions

2020 was a rough year and White Rhino is ready to restart with a fresh style forecast and with new additions to our inventory in the design studio and at home. The 2020’s style was a lot of loungewear, and as we head into spring we’ll see those trends shift towards something else entirely. Given this new year, we at White Rhino put together our 2021 fashion predictions, including staple pieces you’ll get some use out of for the rest of the year and beyond.

Prediction #1 - Multi-use clothing

In early 2020 when the pandemic hit, clothing items like sweatsuits and matching sets became the norm. Loungewear was a major feature on retail websites, and streetwear’s hold on the fashion industry only increased. Comfort took the place of style and people started to throw their jeans away thinking this was only temporary. Now that we’ve all learned to live with pandemic life, style is creeping back into our closets.

Our prediction is that clothing that was once meant for laying-low at home or going out will merge so that pieces are multi-use - think joggers on a night out with friends, or platform sandals you can wear to the beach or to a wedding. Clothing will prioritize style and comfort more than ever before.

Prediction #2 - Face masks as a center-stage accessory

We’re realizing that face masks are not going away. While face masks were a major item used in protecting ourselves in 2020, they’re becoming an accessory that enhances any outfit. Face masks with designs, sequins, and embroidery are nothing new, but we’re predicting that these masks will become major statement pieces for 2021 trends, to be used in tying a whole outfit together.

Prediction #3 - Large totes and functional bag wear

Emerging from the pandemic is going to be jarring for everyone, and White Rhino is predicting that we’ll seek the comforts of home by stuffing our bags full of emergency supplies. For bags and purses, people will use large totes or shoulder bags that have secure compartments to store anything we’ll need when we can safely leave the house for extended periods - extra makeup, snacks, water, etc.

White Rhino has new releases in 2021 that reflect this prediction and make it easy for you to carry your necessary items to wherever you’re going.

Prediction #4 - Bold Colors

bold colors are on trend for 2021

Neutrals and tie-dye ruled in 2020, but we’re predicting bold colors for late winter and spring. We’ve been cooped up in the house, and we’re ready to make a statement when we emerge.

We checked into the Pantone website for their color predictions, and those included a mix of marigold, amethyst blues, coral, and a few neutrals. These bold colors will be used in monochrome outfits or as the statement color in a neutral outfit set.

Prediction #5 - Dual-tone pieces

Our final 2021 style prediction is dual-tone pieces or pieces separated by two different colors. Pants with two different colored legs or shirts patched together in different colorways will make use of the bright colors coming in 2021. This is a fleeting trend, so we recommend buying eco-friendly fabric dye and turning your old pants into two-tone pants. Check out this dye kit on Etsy.

Overall, 2021 is promising to be a transformative year in fashion and otherwise. We’re excited to see how our White Rhino bags are styled with these trends moving forward. Check back soon for more style updates.

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