Announcing 2020 Collaboration with World Animal Protection

White Rhino Bags is thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with World Animal Protection US for another year of collaboration. Together we will help raise funds and awareness for their efforts in working towards a world free from needless animal cruelty and suffering.


And this year we’re doing it a little differently.

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Rather than featuring select styles from our designer collections, we are broadening our efforts to include ALL bag & accessory designs throughout 2020. Starting this Valentines Day, White Rhino Bags will be donating 3% of proceeds from all web sales to World Animal Protection’s many campaigns!


This decision came easily, as we felt that by limiting the designs available within the collaboration many supporters may not have had a style available to them that would suit their personal aesthetic. By opening up the partnership to include all our vegan designs (excluding our yet to be announced jewelry collection which launches this Spring) we feel that there will be something for everyone. Those who wish to support by investing in one of our vegan designer pieces will have so much more to choose from, which will translate into more funds raised in support of this incredible nonprofit organization.


If you are unfamiliar with World Animal Protection, they are an international animal welfare nonprofit who have been operating for more than 55 years in over 50 countries. With 14 offices around the world they work together to help animals in communities, in farming, in the wild and in disasters. They influence national governments and high-profile organizations to put animals on the global agenda, encourage businesses to change animals’ lives for the better and educate the general public to help end animal suffering and exploitation.


The nonprofit has so many amazing programs which represent;


  • The animal welfare issues currently present in industrial animal farming,

  • Vaccination and humane care for stray dogs living within communities around the world,

  • Animals who have been affected by natural disasters,

  • And programs dedicated to protecting wild animals of the earth, sea & sky.


Now more than ever we need to come together to affect change. It’s not just the animals who suffer from the misdirected actions of humans but our planet as a whole. Take for example the recent Amazon Forest and Australian fires - incredibly tragic events which will have long-lasting, if not permanent effects on the planet and all its inhabitants. World Animal Protection were among the courageous groups present on the ground level, doing everything possible to rescue, rehabilitate and prevent further loss of life and land. It’s no longer a question of if global climate change and the impacts of large scale livestock trade are contributing to these disasters; it is a question of what will we do now to change the direction we are headed in. By continuing to share the message of mindful consumerism, plant-based living and the ethical treatment of all animals, we can shift the current reality and prevent future disasters like the ones we are seeing today.


Since White Rhino debuted, we have been committed to 100% vegan and cruelty-free fashion. Being ever-mindful of ways the brand can lead by example and provide ethical and sustainable options to the market is really important to us. There are some really exciting advances that you can look forward to from the brand in 2020.

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All our new production going forward features an innovative new feature in the lining material of each piece: 100% post consumer rPET. Our lining fabric is made from yarn spun out of recovered and recycled plastic bottles, removing this common pollutant from the environment and turning it into something of value. Additionally we are expanding our cork leather offerings. This plant-based material is eco-friendly, incredibly durable and absolutely stunning - learn more about why we’re obsessed with cork leather here. All man-made materials in our collections are sourced from stock already in existence and from responsible manufacturers, and every piece is designed to give you the most practical use in your day-to-day. We are phasing out all PVC from our collections and will be introducing new and exciting plant-based fabrics to our designs for the fall of 2020. We do not ship orders in single-use plastics and all of our packaging and printed materials have recycled components sourced from eco-friendly providers.


When you purchase a vegan leather bag by White Rhino, not only are you investing in a beautiful designer piece that will be delivered directly to your doorstep, but you will also be supporting World Animal Protection’s mission to help animals around the world. Check out our current selection of unique ethical designs available now at


Please visit the World Animal Protection website and discover the many ways that you can to get involved with their animal welfare efforts.