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Announcing our Collaboration with World Animal Protection + White Rhino Bags

Hi everyone, Claire here - Owner and Head Designer at White Rhino Bags,

Something that I am extremely passionate about is the ethical treatment of our fellow Earth dwellers, and making an effort to contribute to spreading awareness for animal welfare and alternatives to animal derived products in my personal and professional life. Through the development of my cruelty free vegan leather bags and accessories brand I have been very fortunate to connect and network with like-minded people everyday, which is why what I’m about to tell you is such a huge dream come true!

I am thrilled to announce that White Rhino Bags has partnered with the World Animal Protection US on a collaboration to help raise funds and awareness for their efforts in working towards a world free from needless animal suffering.

We are donating a portion of all sales from our three most popular Signature Collection items to help support our brothers and sisters who dedicate themselves to this important cause!

We have chosen three items from the White Rhino Signature Collections to represent our collaboration. 15% of all proceeds from these three items will go directly to support the organization.

​The three items in the collaboration are the Midnight Signature Shoulder Bag, the Cashew Signature Shoulder Bag and the Cashew Dream Signature Backpack.

If you are unfamiliar with World Animal Protection, they are an international animal welfare nonprofit who have been operating for more than 50 years in over 50 countries. With 14 offices around the world they work together to help animals in communities, in farming, in the wild and in disasters. They influence national governments and high-profile organizations to put animals on the global agenda, encourage businesses to change animals’ lives for the better and educate the general public to help end animal suffering and exploitation.

By purchasing any of the three vegan leather World Animal Protection collaboration items you will not only get your very own cruelty free designer bag sent to your doorstep, you will not only be helping a budding vegan business grow and add more alternatives to animal-hide products, but you will also be contributing to World Animal Protection with funding for their many programs! How awesome is that !?

The nonprofit has so many amazing programs which represent;

  • The animal rights issues currently present in animal farming

  • Protection for domestic animals living within communities around the world

  • Animals who have been affected by natural disaster

  • And programs dedicated to protecting wild animals of the earth, sea & sky.

One of the programs that we are particularly excited to bring awareness to is the Wildlife Not Entertainers program whose goal is to end the use of wild animals for entertainment purposes and to stop cruel animal attractions once and for all.


To learn more about World Animal Protection and the many ways to get involved with their animal welfare efforts please visit them here


Please visit World Animal Protection website and the many ways to get involved with their animal welfare efforts.