Frequently asked questions

Q: Why buy cruelty-free?

A: In today’s world there are literally endless options available at your fingertips that make cruelty-free not only an ethical choice but an easy and convenient one! Cruelty-free and vegan leather is not only kinder, but often much less expensive than animal derived leather, lasts longer, is water resitant, light-weight and comes in even more color and texture options than the 'real deal'. You get the added bonus of knowing no sentient creature suffered for your style choice.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: *Due to COVID-19 shipping times may take longer than normal, and we appreciate your patience.Once your order has shipped it normally takes between 5-15 days to arrive within Canada and the USA. Orders going out internationally can take 8-15 days depending on the distance. Outside factors such as weather, holidays or postal service issues can further delay delivery and are outside of our control. Your order confirmation email will include a tracking number so you may track your packages progress.

Q: I need my order to arrive ASAP! Can I arrange priority shipping?

A: Sure no problem! We can arrange to send your order via an express mail service which will ensure your package arrives as quickly as possible. Please contact us before placing your order via our Contact Page so we may prepare an estimate for you as expedited package rates will apply. Please note that our regular delivery service ensures orders are fullfilled within 48 hours and on average arrive within 3-10 days under normal circumstances.

Q: I don’t live in any of the regions available on the shopping cart page. How can I place an order?

A: We can arrange to send packages to regions outisde of our regular delivery. Please contact us via our Contact Page prior to placing your order. We will estimate shipping costs to your unique location and set up a code so you can complete a purchase through our checkout page. Please be mindful that customs, tariffs and/or brokerage fees may apply to internationally shipped items.

Q: What is your returns policy?

A: We have an easy returns policy in place. Please review our full Shipping & Returns Policy here.

Q: What is the difference between cruelty-free and vegan leather?

A: Vegan leather refers to any material that was designed to look like leather without the use of any animal products. Cruelty-free is a term typically used to describe products that are not tested on animals. While many items may be one or the other, here at White Rhino Bags we are both!

Q: Are these the same as Faux Leather?

A: Faux leather is a blanket term used to describe any leather-like material that is not made from the hide of an animal. Not all Faux-Leathers are created equal - White Rhino maticulously sources high quality, long lasting leather-like materials, as function, longevity and sustainability are very important in our designing process.

Q: What are the products by White Rhino made from?

A: White Rhino Bags are made from a variety of ethically sourced plant-based and man-made materials including cork, cactus, hemp, organic cotton, PU, vinyl, and post consumer recycled materials. NEVER animal-derived fabrics! For detailed information about our fabrics please visit this blog post We offer a number of different leather-like textures and fabric types to compliment a broad style preference. Learn more about vegan leather here.

Q: Where are your products designed and manufactured?

A: White Rhino Bag’s collections are designed in-house. We have two main offices, one in Victoria British Columbia Canada and one in Austin Texas USA. We have an amazing partnership with a crafthouse in Vietnam who we work very closely with to manufacture many of our designs. Our made-to-order designs are manufactured in-house at our Austin TX Studio. We work with a small selection of responsible and certified fabric suppliers and notion manufacturers in the USA, Spain and Canada which allow us to offer you a range of styles, choices and price-points. Other aspects of our operations including graphic design, printing, limited edition and custom printed fabrics, and more are sourced near our two offices as supporting small, like-minded business in our communities is important to us. We hope to continue to travel to new places and meet new partners who share our vision and love for ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free fashion, and to share our designs with the world!

Q: Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Please send us a message through the Contact Page. We’d love to answer any question you might have!

Q: Are your bags water resistant? How do you clean them, specially the white ones?

A: Yes! Our bags are water resistant but, of course, not intended to be submerged or otherwise in contact with water for extended periods of time. Washing is very easy! Simply run a moist cloth over the exterior to remove dirt and dust. Occasionally you may use soap for stubborn dirt and then buff with a cloth and a little bit of coconut oil to maintain the shine and moisture of the material. For light colored items we’d suggest avoiding colored soaps or brightly dyed clothes to avoid potential color transfer or discoloring. Cleaning your White Rhino Bag is super easy! Check out this short video tutorial on how to Clean your vegan leather bag:

Q: What about sustainability?

A: White Rhino is dedicated to providing vegan alternatives to the fashion market as well as providing the most sustainable business model possible. We do this by;

  • Producing slowly in small, limited edition batches - ensuring that the manufacturing process is managed thoughtfully, and all of our designs find good homes.
  • Utilizing plant-based and recycled materials – This extends into our packaging, as well as our fabrics which you may read more about here.
  • Minimal Packaging – We do not ship orders in single-use plastic. We use recycled materials in our packaging including biodegradable eco-mailers which minimize our footprint and waste.
  • Strategic design – Great care is put into our pattern making to minimize material waste at the production level. Additionally fabric scraps left over from manufacturing are used to make new samples, smaller products and arts & craft bundles to divert scrap from ending up in the garbage.
  • Building meaningful working relationships - Exploitive work practices, undercutting and undervaluing stakeholders is not only bad business; It is totally unsustainable. We believe in building long-lasting, meaningful working relationships with professionals who are dedicated to giving back to the communities around them. From the guy who does our printing to our lovely manufacturers in Vietnam we put our money into supporting like-minded people and their small businesses so that we can all grow together.

Q: What about certifications?

A: We are a small business, who supports and works with other small businesses. And so, rather than putting money into third-party corporate certifications or supporting giant corporations like PETA (who are surrounded in some controversial practices) We've chosen to put that money into directly supporting our business partners and their families. We personally vet our suppliers and pay all our contractors very fairly. Building long-lasting, sustainable working relationships is our priority as we continue to grow. As of June 2020 we have been recognized as contributors to the F.A.K.E Movement. This award certifies that our products are 100% Vegan & Ethically made and that we are always looking into new ethical practices and fabrics to continue to make this world a better place!

Q: Where will my order ship from?

A: Canadian orders are shipped from our main office in Victoria BC. American orders are shipped from our satelite office in Austin TX. **Made-to-order and special edition collections ship only from our Austin location, and orders to Canada may be subject to custom/duties and slightly longer delivery times. That information will be clearly noted in the product description page.

Q: Why is the pricing in USD? I thought this was a Canadian brand

A: White Rhino is a Canadian company. Our pricing will automatically display in USD. To change the currency simply select from the drop down menu at the top right of the screen.