Stuck inside and bored out of your mind?



Here is a free, fun list of 50 things to do to pass the time.

Designed to keep your creative mind healthy and active!



50 Things To Do

1.     Alter/mend clothes

2.     Catalog your favorite recipes

3.     Clean out purses and backpacks

4.     Color-coordinate your closet

5.     Explore food art

6.     Deep condition your hair

7.     Draw a picture of a made up animal

8.     Design a daily exercise chart 

9.     Exfoliate

10. Film a short tutorial

11. Perfect an accent

12. Invent a cartoon character

13. Label and organize your pantry

14. Learn a new dance move

15. Learn another language

16. Write a screenplay

17. Take up origami

18. Learn to use a new computer program

19. Listen to a podcast

20. Make and share crossword puzzles

21. Minimize unused items in the home

22. Organize receipts and tax papers

23. Organize the junk closet

24. Organize your computer files

25. Organize your electronic cables

26. Paint a picture of the foods in your fridge

27. Start a list of names for cats

28. Invent new star constellations

29. Plan a future getaway

30. Play a board game

31. Play with makeup

32. Polish & clean jewelry

33. Practice yoga

34. Practice controlled breathing

35. Re-read old textbooks

36. Scrapbook

37. See how long you can plank

38. Sing a song that came out in the year you were born

39. Sprout plants

40. Take a bath in the dark

41. Take a virtual tour online

42. Learn to do the splits

43. Try a new hairdo

44. Try a new recipe

45. Try following makeup tutorial

46. Wash makeup-brushes

47. Watch a biography

48. Write a letter to your childhood self

49. Write a song about a friend

50. Write your partner a poem